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DrBizzaro.com Name Thieves
This is a page that lists all the domains that were bought only to steal traffic from me by people who misspell my URL or from the search engines. Please DO NOT visit the sites of these assholes who play YOU, the good surfer, as a fool.
If you do visit them, make sure to drop them an email and tell them that they can go fuck themselves for trying to rip off the good Dr!
(Webmasters, please note: I will NOT link to you, if your linked to ANY of these sites.)

doctorbizarre.com - This rip-off banner farm is brought to you by the one and only "ultradonkey.com." Ultra-crappy is more like it... Why does anyone even visit THAT Black-hole of a site anymore? What other domains is he ripping off?!? Perhaps yours....??  Fucking looser! I will not link to any sites even LINKED to him. Including "elephantlist.com"!
Last Time we checked: Bogus litlle blindlink shitty site with bestiality links.

drbizzario.com - Another ass munching, bottom feeder decided to join the ranks of the mindless. Why does this not surprise me. Why don't you fucking dickless wonders do something productive for a change? Instead of sucking up my surfers who don't know how to spell.
Last Time we checked: Dumb little ad for teen and matures

drbazzaro.com - Looks like everyone wants to get in line. Another pride-less, ball-less, honor-less, doushbag of a human wanted to get "his share" of my spill off traffic. Why don't you reach behind yourself, grab your cock, jam it in your ass and< go fuck yourself!
Last Time we checked: Full page ad of Pay sites

drbzzaro.com - Looks like our friend Jakhyra found weeded out another slime sucking, butt fucking, half-wit of a webmaster. Are you assholes THAT desperate for traffic? You must be. Why don't you try MAKING A FUCKING SITE, and getting a fucking clue while your at it...
Last Time we checked: Redirects to some dumb password bullshit site.

drbizzro.com -Well, well, well, another dumb as a fuckin stump webmaster wants to join the ranks of the soon to be sued fucknuts. Congratulations ...You've succeeded.
Last Time we checked: Dumb little ad for teen and matures

wwwdrbizzaro.com - an you believe that, not only did this dumb, prick sucking, puss hole, add a fuckin www to MY name, but he also did it to Thumbzilla and Richards Realm. Man, if there were an Olympics for stupidity, this guy would take the gold. This link only redirects to a shit hole, low-end paysite Have fun with everyone's lawyer you numbnutz, cuz the word spreads fast.
Last Time we checked: Redirects to full page ad of paysites

drbizzaro.de - Looks like this ass lapping, jag-load decided to join the ranks of the truly brainless puss bags, and bought himself a genuine drbizzaro from another country. Does he honestly think that surfers are so dumb to click on a .de?!?! Oh man, there is money well spent. Enjoy all that traffic, fuckface.
Last Time we checked: Redirects to porn.de

dr-bizzaro.com - Not only did this motherfucker steal my name (please note the hyphen) and tag line, he also tried to swap links with webmasters linked to my site. Since I placed him on this list, he has now opened drfetish.com, and started swapping links with webmasters again. Apparently dr-bizzaro.com didn't work out so well. Does ANYONE have a fuckin original idea any more!?!?!?!
Last Time we checked: Full ad page with all exe downloads

drbizzaros.com -  Un-fuckin-believeable, these low-life, scumbag, motherfuckers, just added an S. How simple. This leads you to  a fuckin LAME paysite and when you try to back out of it, a nice bannerfarm pops up for their other 2 shitty pay sites. asianvergins.com & teensfree.com, so don't bother wasting your time on either of those.
Last Time we checked: Redirects to Pacifi Films.com

drbizaro.com - Well, waddaya know it's the same shit-licker from above. Take off one z and your directed to this shitty banner farm, pop up window, pay site. They also own....teensfree.com and asianvergins.com, so don't bother with either of those shit hole sites either.
Last Time we checked: Redirects to PacificFilms.com

drbizzar.com - Is my traffic so valuable, that this asshole suckin, low life, shit bag has to buy anything even remotely close to it? This same mother fucker also bought the next 3 as well. How do these people live with themselves?
Last Time we checked: Redirects to pop ups and spyware downloads

drbizzare.com - Add an E instead of an O at the end of drbizzar, and you'll be directed to and redirected away from this shit-hole site, to another shit-hole site-NewPic.com.
Last Time we checked: Redirects to pop ups and spyware downloads

drbizzar.com - Looks like the same fucking scum of the earth from above, has been busy buying up anything close to my site name, cuz he also got this one.
Last Time we checked: Redirects to pop ups and spyware downloads

drbizarre.com - Can you believe this asshole is SO desperate for traffic, he spent all this money copying every name he could think of. Can you say, desperate, looser, scumbag, prick, shit for brains?
Last Time we checked: Redirects to pop ups and spyware downloads

drbizar.com - This stupid fuck-nut actually just made a site. It locks up your browser anyway, so that just goes to show you how smart he is to begin with.. Now it looks like people are ripping off the ripp off sites.
Man-o-man, are people THAT desperate for traffic?
Last Time we checked: Shitty little paysite

doctorbizarro.com - Just a shitty redirect, that pops up a bunch of windows and crashes your browser..
Last Time we checked: Redirects, Pops ups and downloads spyware

drbizarro.com - Shit, all the scumbags are coming out of the woodwork. Yes, that's 1 z and 2 r's and you'll enter this dick-cheeze's "frame-shell" for his other shitty, low end, crapbag of a site, thehardcoresite.com so don't bother visiting that either.
Last Time we checked: Opens a bestiality site

drbizzarro.com - How could have I missed this peckerhead's site? Adding 2 z's AND 2 r's. Except all this shit page has on it is a "click here" that leads you to a click thru,paysite. I hope that the few pennies you make are worth it, you scumbag prick.
Last Time we checked: Dumb little ad for teen and matures

Eat shit and die you scumbag thieves.

--Dr Bizzaro


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